Asset Tracking

The WorkM8 Asset Tracking Software is a flexible and integrated and Intelligent platform allowing organisations to get real time tracking on all its assets including powered and non-powered items.

Our online dashboard syncs with trackers creating real time and historic location data as well as having options to customise widgets, reports and alarms relevant to their project.


End To End Data Delivered In Real-Time

Tracking and monitoring of assets can deliver value insights to organisations driving operational and safety benefits as well as improve security. Often deployment of a tracking and monitoring (or IoT) solution can be complex and expensive needing multiple vendors to meet a variety of requirements across the organisation.

workM8 is different, the software platform provides immediate visibility of asset data as well as supporting the ability to customise reports, dashboards and alarms based on threshold breaches.

By certifying a number of third party trackers workM8 clients are able to select the most appropriate solution on the most appropriate data network to meet a diverse range of requirements. Vehicle tracking, people tracking and asset tracking can all be deployed within seconds, all data is available through the same workM8 secure portal/mobile app with the ability to use data from multiple sources to automate processes.

Our tracking and monitoring capabilities also supports tracking of assets and tasks using passive hardware including QR codes, NFC tags and RFID tags.

Networks & Hardware

workM8 looks to remove the complexity of IoT and tracking projects by providing off the shelf plug and play hardware deployed on the data network of your choice (4G, NBIoT, WiFi, Bluetooth or RFID).

Our battery trackers for example can be deployed within seconds bringing location and movement data from devices in the field to a secure web-portal and mobile app.

WorkM8’s integrated software allows users to track all types of vehicles and auxiliary equipment such as trailers, water pumps, mobile signs and much more. No more time wasted trying to track all of your different assets. Real Time, Real Simple & Real Accurate.

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Reporting Dashboard

WorkM8’s reporting dashboard is designed to be an integrated, customisable and easy to use platform delivering key metrics such as location, Geo-fence breaches and other senor data. Analyse data in real time or export report format data for certain time periods, collecting data has never been so customisable. 

Our mobile application also allows end users to be alerted when conditions are met or unexpected behaviour is detected. The WorkM8 application also provides a mechanism for users to initiate, validate and confirm part of an automated process.