workM8 Fleet Management

The workM8 Fleet Management platform is here!!

The only hardware organisations now need to turn their vehicle fleet into a fully connected fleet is the workM8 mobile Application and a OBD ‘dongle’ in each vehicle. The workM8 solution provides all the functionality of an installed telematics/fleet management platform without the operation and hardware overheads associated with these traditional types of rollouts.

Functionality and reporting includes:

·        Driver behaviour alerts

·        Real-time Location and historic trip data

·        Engine diagnostic data

·        Incident alarming

·        Other remote worker tools such as the ability to request assistance outside of the vehicle

By running the application on the mobile phone (iOS or Android), we keep hardware costs at a minimum whilst still collecting engine data through a plug and play OBD with Bluetooth.

workM8 is still very much ‘Enterprise grade’ with tools for corporate directory integration, web portal access controls, driver behaviour escalation paths, harsh braking alerts and data analytics available.

The unique approach workM8 takes in providing Enterprise Fleet Management also makes it an ideal choice to address the challenges in managing grey fleet vehicles and pool cars. The driver is paired with the vehicle when they start a trip so driver behaviour, distance, route information and current location relates to the individual irrespective of which car/truck they happen to use on a particular day.

For more information on the workM8 fleet management solution and other remote worker tools please get in touch.

The workM8 team.

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