Geo-Fencing is here!

Very excited to announced after 6 months of Australian funded R&D workM8 are launching our Geo-fencing functionality.

With a sub $10 a month licence workM8 continues to disrupt the Fleet Management, telematics and worker safety industry here in Australia and internationally. We all believe this new release is a step change for workM8 delivering even greater value to our enterprise customers.

A big thank you to customers who helped us build out the design and functionality allowing us to deliver one of our most powerful features so far. The telematics and duress solutions now support the automation of OH&S and productivity processes based on location.

Thank you also to our dedicated development team who have been able to design, build and deploy a solution which copes with complex polygon calculations whilst protecting iOS and Android device battery life.

Some of the use-cases so far can be found below but please get in touch if you would like to learn more.

stephen snell