workM8 Vehicle Tracking and Duress functionality at St John Of God, Mavis Avenue

workM8 have the pleasure to be working with St John of God Health Care’s disability service in Victoria, St John of God Accord (SJGA) as they look to deploy cutting edge technology in the proof of concept (PoC) residential home being built in East Brighton, Victoria. The home which SJGA has designed and is scheduled for completion later this year, looks to showcase the future of assisted living for people with an intellectual disability.  SJGA CEO Tony Hollamby said ‘the house would be built to the highest standard as a specialist disability accommodation (SDA) house. The house incorporates cutting edge technology solutions to further enhance residents daily lives.’

A key objective of SJGA is to ‘support people in reaching their full potential and experience opportunities of their choice’, allowing individuals to live independently in a supported residential environment is a key SJGA strategy in achieving this. With additional NDIS funding now available these residential houses are likely to become more common place and SJGA are making sure that complimentary technologies are available to maximise client outcomes and benefits.

The workM8 platform is being deployed as part of the PoC house to provide support staff with productivity tools such as digital forms on their Samsung mobile phones, tablets and watches. The workM8 application is also providing duress, staff tracking and vehicle tracking functionality inside the house, during home visits and during client excursions.

‘’Working with SJGA has been fascinating. It’s been rewarding to see how the workM8 objectives of using IoT/connected devices to deliver efficiency and safety benefits to remote workers are indirectly assisting SJGA in achieving their objectives of delivering quality patient care.

SJGA has successfully brought together several complementary technology partners including workM8, HomeStay, Quantify Technology, BCDS and Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) to support residents, carers and staff in a NDIS environment. As the project progresses it will become the showcase of how SJGA intend to us technology to improve the lives of their clients.”

 Stephen Snell General Manager workM8.




workM8 is an Australian company which provides a device and network agnostic platform allowing organisations to leverage the power of the internet of things to solve real problems.

The platform looks to capture data from the workM8 application on field workers iOS/Android devices, from connected cars or from an ecosystem of connected sensors.  Business workflows and rules for the collected data are then configured through the workM8 portal and used to improve worker safety and deliver operational efficiencies.

The workM8 mobile application is primarily designed for remote workers and has been deployed in the community healthcare, mining and utilities industries.

Our simple and cost-effective approach to connecting people and ‘things’ means workM8 provides multiple services such as fleet management, digital forms and duress products all within a single application.

All data captured is viewable real-time through the workM8 dashboard and can be configured by organisations to display the key metrics from a range of connected devices/connected individuals.

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