Digital Forms

The workM8 platform tracks people, vehicles and other assets but can also be used to track where, when and how tasks are completed.

workM8 Capture Service replaces paper based processes and manual check-ins with a digital interface through the workM8 mobile application.


CAT Phone.jpg

Paper replacement

Let workM8 digitalise existing paper based processes so that data can be captured and shared through a mobile device. Features supported include the below with the option to set rules to generate reports/PDFs/emails/CSV based on specific responses.

-          Video

-          Radio buttons

-          Sound

-          Text

-          GPS

-          Sign on glass

NFC, bluetooth and QR

Automate inspections, checklists and way-points further by integrating NFC tags, QR codes and Bluetooth beacons with specific processes.


Multi Step Processes

Use workM8 to expedite manual or multi-stage sign off processes. Each time a form is submitted the contents can be automatically sent to a line manager or supervisor to review and/or authorise. Workflows can be determined based on a response in an individual field, form submission or location of the field worker.

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