workM8 in Local Government

Keeping track of staff and vehicles out in the field can be an expensive problem for local government organisations. The problem is often complicated by a mix of pool cars, hire cars, full-time, contractors and third-party vendors all working for the organisation.

WorkM8 could be the solution, it runs as an application on a mobile phone removing the need to install additional hardware to monitor and track vehicles. A small OBD2 device can be plugged into the vehicle and paired with the workM8 application to gather additional engine diagnostic data and automate the alarm should an impact or rollover be detected.

The web-portal provides line managers with real time access to which individual is in a vehicle, the location of that vehicle and if any issues have been detected (engine notifications and event alerts).

From and OH&S perspective workM8 monitors vehicle behaviour and alerts should an accident be detected. For field staff outside of a vehicle workM8 also provides the ability to report on their location and request assistance through the tap of a button.

 Some of the key features for local Government and council organisations include:

·         A single cost-effective solution for all staff to request assistance from the field.

·         Report on individual drivers of shared fleet vehicles (includes hire cars and personal vehicles)

·         A fully functional fleet management solution without the usual costs and hardware requirements.

·         Secure portal to report on vehicle locations and requests for assistance.