People Tracking and Automation

workM8 provides the flexibility to track staff in a variety of environments and the flexibility to set rules and permissions to assist in managing the often complex issues associated ‘tracking’ staff.

GPS Tracking - workM8 Summary staff view

GPS Tracking - workM8 Summary staff view

GPS Tracking - Outside and field worker

workM8 supports a number of third party GPS trackers or can simply share location using the workM8 mobile Application running on a mobile device (IoS and Android). GPS provides accurate location for field workers and will share last known location when an individual is inside a building. The workM8 portal provides ability to configure location based workflows and event triggers to meet a wide variety of both common and bespoke use-cases including:

  • Job Despatch based on location

  • Safety checklists and procedures automated based on location

  • Time Sheeting and task tracking based on location

  • Real-time/last known location in the event of major incident

  • Automate location checks at set-intervals

In Building Tracking

What happens when an individual enters a large building how can you accurately track their whereabouts and know that they are safe in the event of an incident? workM8 supports a number of different protocols some requiring user interaction such as tapping an NFC tag, scanning a QR code or updating a job sheet through the workM8 application.

Other more automated technologies supported by workM8 include bluetooth beacons interacting with the workM8 Application or RFID readers at key ‘choke’ points. Whatever the requirements workM8 can support tracking right down to 2-3 metre accuracy and the ability to automate business logic based on the a location ‘trigger’.

In Building Location using workM8 Bluetooth beacons

In Building Location using workM8 Bluetooth beacons