In the retail space, workM8 can be found across the entire supply chain with producers, logistics companies, warehousing and retail stores all realising the benefits of the software.

Outside of the 'building' workM8 monitors delivery drivers, provides digital checklists for home services, sign on glass solutions and various tracking scenarios over-viewed in the workM8 Services section of this website. 

Within the Store the workM8 Capture Service, lets staff use a low cost Android or iOS device to complete tasks previously requiring dedicated handheld scanners or (at the other extreme) paper. Integration with warehouse management platforms, fulfillment platforms and HR systems can allow workM8 to further automate multiple processes providing significant ROI for our retail customers.

Away from the shop floor workM8 Capture Service can be used to verify stock levels, report on damaged items and (again) replace many paper based processes.

The workM8 Sensor Service takes data from multiple sensor types to monitor data feeds to automate processes and escalations. Typical retail deployments include temperature and moisture sensors with thresholds defined to protect fresh produce and other perishable goods.

The workM8 sensor Service also supports RFID tags and scanners supplied by  specialist partners. Some of this technology can truly transform business operations automating stock tracking, stock taking as well as options for tracking staff and customers within a store. Please contact us with any questions or to simply learn more.