Duress and Staff Safety



workM8 allows staff in the field to request assistance through the mobile application or through a wearable connected device. When an assistance request is raised workM8 follows a pre-defined escalation process utilising multi channel communication. By using the Team Assist Service, workM8 can determine the location of colleagues and prioritise dispatch based on response time. Resilience is key to delivering business critical services and as such workM8 is delivered via a highly redundant environment with associated SLAs.

Dwell Time

How long should an individual be in an area? Are they in danger if they exceed that time? workM8 can monitor entry and exit times for defined geo-fences and build a business process should the expected time be exceeded. Importantly workM8 provides the flexibility for the times and locations to be fixed by head office or defined real-time by remote workers (mental health nurses, council wardens, utilities workers etc).




The most suitable hardware and data channels will be dependent on environment but workM8 can use Bluetooth beacons, RFID at entry points, NFC, Wi-Fi and cellular to assist with roll calls.  With a record of real-time and historic staff location during an event workM8 allows organisations to quickly understand which individuals are safe and which are unaccounted for.