Hardware + 12 months Business Advance

Hardware + 12 months Business Advance

259.00 419.00

This price includes:

  • A payment of $259 which includes once off charge for hardware (usually $299), 12 months software subscription (usually $120) and 12 month mobile data on the Telstra network*. There are no hidden charges and you can connect your vehicle or entire vehicle fleet with all the features below.

  • New Plug and Play OBD dongle for each vehicle

  • See exactly where your vehicles are with real time trip data

  • Live maps showing all vehicles and their status
    (Moving, Parked, ignition on)

  • Historic Trip data with showing trip, distance, exact route, and speed summaries and more

  • Bad driving alerts for speeding, high revs, harsh braking, rapid acceleration and more

  • Support for heavy vehicle protocols - works with trucks and vehicles of all sizes.

  • GPS and dual 4G/3G connection included

  • Hardware warranty

  • Digital Vehicle checklist form/pre-start

  • Access to iOS, Android and web applications

*Data provided through an M2M SIM card which cannot be used for non-workM8 services.

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