Digitalise your vehicle pre-start checks today

What are Vehicle Pre-start forms?

Pre-start Inspection forms are designed to be completed either at the beginning of each work day or each time a vehicle is to be used. They allow organisations to monitor general condition of vehicles out in the field (company owned/hire/private) and identify defects which may pose a health and safety risk or result damage to the vehicle if not rectified quickly.

Paper based pre-start inspections are surprisingly still in use in most organisations today often introducing a delay in reporting and in turn acting to rectify defects identified. workM8 digital pre-starts can share information real-time once collected from the field, including photographs and geo-tag reports to validate location.


workM8 Digital Forms

workM8 provides a platform allowing organisations to connect the most suitable mobile computing device, IoT or sensor hardware the software then provides the tools for organisations to automate reporting and workflows.

Often the ‘most suitable’ device for gathering location and other data from the field is through existing mobile phones or tablets being used by staff. The workM8 mobile App makes the collection of this data simple, automating data collection, time and attendance reporting and safety monitoring processes to name a few.


The Offer

As a special offer workM8 are allowing organisations to utilise the workM8 application to switch from paper-based vehicle inspections and digitalise the process at no cost! No hidden costs, no lock in no obligation, it’s our chance to show you one of the things we do.

What we’ll give you:

·       workM8 mobile licence for up to 30 people in the organisation.

·       Pre-built workM8 pre-start inspection (built based on client feedback and real-world example forms).

·       workM8 Portal access for reporting

·       Real-time PDF generation; a PDF will be sent to a company email each time a form is submitted (email will include any data inputted, including text, photographs and signatures). This report will also include GPS coordinates/map data of where a form was submitted, the same data is available on the workM8 portal should an email not be required.

This offer is limited to the workM8 vehicle pre-start inspection report (although other forms and processes are supported within our standard commercial structures). In order to demonstrate the one of the key workM8  we have focused on providing a digital alternative to a common and valuable paper-based process.  This offer aims to provide real value by reducing waste, streamlining an existing process and automating reporting with risk to the organisation.


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