Vehicle Tracking

workM8 provides a fully featured cloud hosted vehicle tracking and fleet management solution without the usual overheads.

The workM8 design and deployment options disrupt the standard high cost commercial models seen in the telematics market. The platform provides all the features needed to manage, track and maintain a large (and small) vehicle fleets whilst at the same time delivering additional tools to end users not usually associated with ‘vehicle tracking’.


Feature Rich

The workM8 Vehicle service provides information on vehicle behaviour, driver behaviour and route history. Alarms/escalation logic and workflows can be configured based on pre-defined events such as speeding, harsh braking, sudden stops or engine management alerts.

Plug and Play

workM8 provides an end to end service including 3G/4G SIM* and plug and play OBD hardware. Although the platform is designed to provide a full suite of fleet management functionality through this deployment model workM8 also supports installed 4G modems, Satellite connected hardware or Sigfox/Lora devices. The platform is designed to be device and hardware agnostic allowing all vehicle types and auxiliary equipment such as trailers, water pumps mobile signs to be monitored through a single interface.

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Reporting Dashboard

Key metrics such a vehicle location, real-time speed and route taken are visible for the entire vehicle fleet through a secure Australian hosted on-line portal. Metrics such as number of pick-ups, distance traveled, engine warning messages can also be displayed through configurable widgets or simply generated in report format for certain time periods.