workM8 in Mining

workM8 is designed to provide a flexible tracking and process automation platform for use in the Mining, Oil and Gas sector.

workM8 Services such as Vehicle, Capture and Locate are being used to deliver multiple operational, safety and productivity benefits throughout the industry.

The workM8 vehicle tracking Service not only allows organisations to monitor their vehicle fleet but extends the capability to the (often the overlooked) fleet of contractor vehicles and hire cars, even if they are only on site for a few hours.

workM8 can be deployed within minutes into any vehicle manufactured after 1996 allowing any mix of pool cars, hire cars, private cars and contractor cars to become part of a connected fleet. As well as proactive alarming in the event of a detected impact workM8 will provide diagnostic and historic trip data to help ensure vehicles are in ‘good shape’ and best practice is being followed in terms of route and driver behavior.

In addition to monitoring staff when in the vehicle workM8 also provides remote workers with the ability to report on their location and request assistance through the tap of a button on their mobile phone or via a supported wearable device.

By being location aware the workM8 mobile application can automate many common processes such as; safety checks, dwell time reporting, job despatch and be used to validate staff are trained/permitted to be in certain areas.

NFC, Bluetooth and RFID hardware maybe linked to the workM8 platform to track assets in the field, automate inspection reports or streamline equipment and other checklist processes.

For more information on how workM8 has been deployed in the Mining, Oil and Gas industry please get in touch.